Scabies?! Ew!!

So our last month has been awful!! Back at the beginning of November Grant broke out in what we thought was a rash. I took him to his doctor and she said it looked like a viral rash and should go away in about a week. Two weeks later the rash had only gotten worse. It was extremely itchy and uncomfortable for him! I still thought maybe a viral rash that’s taking longer because that’s how Grant rolls! He woke up every hour to an hour and a half at night just crying because of how bad it itched. The only relief he could get was from the Young Living Seedlings baby lotion. Finally I started getting spots that itched horribly!

Okay this is not a viral rash!! This is awful!!

I took him back to the doctor to learn that he (and I) had Scabies!!

How nasty!! I immediately felt just gross. She gave us cream that all 5 of us had to rub from head to toe. We had to wash all blankets and put away stuffed animals for a few days. Well I did everything right but just as his spots were going away they started all over again!

No way!! This has got to stop!!

Now, as I’ve said before Grant has very limited mobility so imagine having a mosquito bite on steroids times 100 and not being able to scratch a single one. Oh and he can’t talk so he couldn’t even tell me where it itched or just how frustrated he was. I’m pretty sure he cussed me out a few times in the only way he can 😁 I can’t imagine how he felt because the itching was so incredibly intense!!

So we did the cream again…ugh!!! This time I meant serious business! Bedding has been washed three times in 4 days and every piece of clothing has been washed. Stuffed animals and anything that can’t be washed but can carry these damn bugs is wrapped tight in trash bags.

But was that the end? No! Because when Grant does something he does it big!! Some of his sores got infected and he got a horrible case of cradle crap!! Yes it is cradle crap because…well it’s just crappy!

n given a shampoo to use 2-3 times in a week. A cream to rub on the infected areas 3 times a day for 7 days. Oh and they prescribed an antibiotic…but what is a side effect of the antibiotic? SEIZURES!! (That's another story for another day). So we said no way to the antibiotic and I will be calling in the morning to see if he can get a different one.

All this started on November 10th. Today is December 10th and he's is finally showing signs of relief for the first time in a month. He is so much more relaxed and he's smiled and laughed more this weekend then the has in the last 4 weeks! I'm so relieved to have my boy back!!

Moral to the story…DON'T GET SCABIES 🤪

Have a blessed day!


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