“You’re So Lucky”

So after I had Grant way back in 2010 I got postpartum hyperthyroidism. I quickly lost a lot of weight and got down to my lowest weight since forever of 108lbs. “Poor Beth” thought a lot of people “she’s losing weight without having to do anything.” “You’re so lucky! I wish I could get Hyperthyroidism.” No it most definitely wasn’t easy or awesome and I wasn’t lucky…I was miserable.

Fast forward 7.5 years and I think it has crept its way back into my life and I’m not happy!

I’ve lost 12lbs in about a month with no diet or exercise change (and no I’m not stressed about anything!). I have all the tale tell symptoms:

* weight loss – ✔️

* frequent rapid heartbeat – ✔️

* sweating – ✔️

* frequent bowel movements (sorry tmi) – ✔️

* soft/splitting nails – ✔️

* heat intolerance – ✔️

* irregular periods (again tmi) – ✔️

* muscle weakness – ✔️

* fatigue – ✔️

Those are just the big ones. I am hungry ALL the time. Most the time I eat all day sometimes I can barely eat a bite.

Some days are just fine but others are not. Yesterday for instance was awful!! I felt light-heated and extremely fatigued all day. I was trying to clean the house and keep doing laundry to get rid of the Scabies (refer to my last post about our awful month with Scabies!) but I had to keep sitting down because I was just so weak.

I will be calling the dr today and hopefully getting it all figured out soon so I can start feeling better. It’s hard to carry a 31lb kiddo when you have no strength! I will keep you all posted and updated as I learn more and share with you how I plan on trying to manage it with essential oils!

Moral of the story…listen to your body! Take care of yourself no matter how crazy life is!

Have a blessed day!

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