Christmas Sucks!!

It’s true! Christmas sucks!!

Okay, okay maybe that was a little harsh!! It absolutely does not suck and it’s actually my favorite holiday and favorite time of year!

So then why would she say that?

Well let me fill you in. Buying gifts for my kids is my favorite part of it. Thinking about the joy on their faces when they see all the gifts they got makes me so happy. Grace is easy to buy for…she’s two and a girl…enough said! Matthew is pretty easy to by for…not only does he tell me what he wants but I know what he wants. He’s easy to buy for but at nine he’s also expensive!

Now Grant…that’s where the sucky part comes in. Grant is seven. He is a boy. He likes everything boy. He wants everything boy. Awesome…so what’s the problem? Grant has Cerebral Palsy!! He cannot sit on his own, he cannot stand in his own. He has very, VERY limited mobility in his arms and hands. He cannot hold a toy and play with it. He can’t even use a remote control car without help. That SUCKS!! I have the hardest time with him and the older he gets the harder it gets. He wants the awesome toys that all seven almost eight year old boys want but he just can play with it. I do my very best at playing with him and helping him play with all his toys but let’s face it…as much as I wish I could I can’t sit every minute of everyday and play with him I can’t and that…well that sucks bad.

But what is the amazing part? I still get him all the gifts he asks for…okay not all because let’s face it I’m not a millionaire…and his face lights up just like his brother and sister. That smile that lights up the room…that does not suck!!

Have a blessed day

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