Mom Mealtime Win

Who would’ve thought that my third child would’ve been my most picky eater. Grace is really challenging me lately on the mealtime. She is 20 months old and literally eats nothing…she grazes. I know…I know she will eat when she’s hungry! But that’s the problem. All she ever wants is junk food! And this girl gets hangry!! Now here comes my confession – we eat junk food!! We are not all natural, all organic food eaters! We eat junk! But we only get the sweets after we eat the good food and that’s a concept Grace is having a hard time understanding. Now here’s her other problem – she’s a texture girl like her Momma! If she touches it and doesn’t like how it feels it’s game over!

To help find a resolution of course I took to Pinterest!! After searching and pinning I finally decided to serve lunch in an ice cube tray. Sounds crazy, right?! Well I honestly kind of loved the idea!! So I headed to the grocery store to grab a whole array of food!

 I prepared the food and put it on her tray fully expecting her to reject all the colors and options but guess what…she didn’t! Instead I got a big smile and she reached for blueberries and then the apples and grapes and even the apricots. She also tried carrots, ham, raisins, broccoli and cucumbers. She wasn’t completely sold on those but hey she tried! These are all foods I’ve offered in the past and she snubbed her nose to all of it.


Would I say it was a huge success? No…but she was much more adventurous with her food and it’s definitely something we will start doing at lunchtime so I’m calling it a mom mealtime win!!

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