What’s For Dinner Wednesday…er…Thursday

So obviously Wednesday has come and gone. Being a mom put a damper on being able to get my blog up last night. But here it is…What’s for dinner Wednesday…only a day late!

For those of you that know me, I think this recipe will come as a big of a shock as it did for me. I have always despised veggies! UGH!! But wait for it…this week’s recipe is…Broccoli Fritters!

Now I was iffy to try these because broccoli is one of my least favorites (tied with about every other veggie) but I finally bit the bullet and these have quickly become my favorite fast fix side dish.

The recipe is originally from Low Carb Maven. I’m so happy I came across it. Now please forgive my less than par photos. I’m not used to taking pictures of food! I will get better I promise. So for beautiful pictures go ahead and check out the original recipe. If you don’t care about the pictures read on 🙂


I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy these are to make! Seriously! Very few ingredients and super easy and fast…my kind of recipe!

Now keep in mind this is a low carb recipe so where you would normally see flour and other higher carb ingredients this recipe involves replacements. You will need broccoli, almond flour, shredded cheese, eggs, homemade or store bought Cajun seasoning and your favorite oil.

You will want to cut or broccoli into small pieces…or even chop them. Steam them lightly…don’t let this scare you it’s so easy. Put the broccoli in a microwaveable dish, cover it with another microwaveable dish pop it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Careful when you take it out it will be HOT! If there is any excess water you can drain it or use paper towels to dab the excess water. Honestly I’ve never had to do this.

Once the broccoli is steamed you will want to add your almond flour (or you could use oat fiber or powdered pork rinds). I always use almond flour. And add your Cajun seasoning (google homemade Cajun recipes I’m sure you have all the spices in your pantry to make your own). You will simply add the flour and seasoning to the broccoli and stir it in to mix well.

Next take your eggs (make sure you beat them first). Add them to the broccoli and mix until well blended.

Last ingredient to add is the cheese. Pour it in and stir it up until all the broccoli is coated with cheese.

To cook the broccoli you will want to put the oil (I use EVOO) in a non-stick pan over medium heat. Once the oil is hot you will scoop up the broccoli mixture and put it in the pan. I use a 1/4 cup measuring cup and don’t quite fill it all the way. Simply drop it in the pan. Let it cook for about 2-3 minutes until the bottom is starting to get a little crusty. Then flip it over until the other side is browned.

Prepare a plate with paper towels to soak up the excess oil. Put the broccoli fritters on the plate. Let cool just a bit then enjoy!

I do make a Remoulade Sauce to go with these and it’s delicious. Just google it you will find so many recipes!!

So here is my plate of my dinner. It was a simple night because I didn’t feel like going to the store so it was pulled pork wraps and broccoli fritters.

The pulled pork was from the pig meat my parents buy. I just fixed it in the Instant Pot (zero carbs for the pulled pork) but I do add the G. Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce Honey which is 2 carbs per serving. The wrap is Mama Lupe’s Low Carb Fresh Tortillas and are only 3 carbs per wrap! A very delicious and filling low carb dinner!

This is definitely a recipe you want to try! If you do let me know what you think. Leave me a picture of yours and what you paired it with.

Have a blessed day!

cheer up 7

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