Excuse Me…Thank You

So let’s talk manners…please!

You know those 3 little phrases that we start teaching our children before they can talk. “Say please.” “what do you say?” You know those great manners! And we applaud them and boast with pride when the cutest little “pease” “tank you” and “cuse me” comes out of those tiny mouths!! She has manners! She’s so polite!!

Those same manners we expect our children to use throughout their childhood and into their teenage years. My son, Matthew, is nine. I know he’s my son but I have to say he’s a very polite kid! He very rarely forgets to say please and thank you. Any chance he gets to open and hold a door for someone he does. It makes me so proud.

So what’s the problem you ask?

Somewhere between our teenage years and adulthood people forget manners. Maybe it’s society now. Maybe it’s…okay I’ve got nothing. There should be no reason…ABSOLUTELY no reason that us adults can’t have manners! We wonder why kids these day don’t know simple manners but look at adults!!

I was raised to always say please and thank you. I was raised to say excuse me when I walked in front of someone and hold a door for anyone who might be walking behind me. But I’m fed up with the lack of response that is returned. And I’m fed up with the lack of respect in people not using the same manners to others.

Maybe I expect too much but I really don’t think its asking too much to respond especially when a child says excuse me or thank you. What gets me the most is when Matthew holds the door for someone and they don’t even respond!!

The momma bear in me wants to tackle them to the ground and yell “DID YOU SEE MY SON HOLD THE DOOR FOR YOUR UNPOLITE BUTT? YES YOU DID? OH WELL A THANK YOU WOULD BE GREAT!!” But…the mom in me just smiles at him, shrugs my shoulders and tells him how proud I am of him!

I have to admit I was ready to give up! Screw it I’m not using manners anymore!! After a trip to the dreaded Walmart I was sitting on my living room floor thinking about all the rude people and how I’m over it and not saying it again. Right then my 2 year old came walking in front of me and says so sweetly “cuse me mom.”

Okay for my kids I will continue to use the manners my parents instilled in me!! Because they are the future and if I don’t teach them to be polite who will!

Moral of the story: a little politeness goes a long way! And you never know what little eyes are watching and learning!

Have a blessed day…please!

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