Who’s Idea was This?

So I’m going to say two words and you tell me what’s the first thing that pops into your head…ready…


Ugh!! Who’s idea was this anyway? Okay, okay I take credit for it. But I thought it would be way easier. You know they always say boys are easier then girls…well “they” are wrong!!

My oldest, Matthew, was potty trained at a mere 20 months! Gasp…why would she feel the need to potty train a child that young? Listen, I had two kiddos in diapers (only for two months) but I was done! We were spending WAY too much money on diapers.

So of course I took to the Internet (where was Pinterest in 2010? Am I right?). I found the 3-Day Potty Training Method…what? Really?! 3 days!! Okay let’s do this! I read the ebook. I made all the preparations. 40pairs of undies later and my little man had all he needed. So let’s get started! The ebook did warn me that if the child is under 2 it may take 5 days…it took my son 4!! Woohoo!! He was fully potty trained!! I did it!! (Well except for night time but I was okay with that!)

Then Gracie came along! I started introducing her to the potty at one year. I would sit her on it at least once a day just to get her used to it. Then it came…20 months! I guess technically she was 23 months since she was still on her preemie adjusted age. So “boys are easier then girls” this should be a piece of cake!! 5 days and so many accidents I can’t count I came to realize it just wasn’t clicking with her! My carpet and kitchen floor saw way way more pee then the toilet ever did!

That’s okay! She’s just not ready!

Finally the time came… a little after turning two I decided to give it a try. Here we go again!! This time it took 5 days and she had it!! Woohoo!! Big high five to myself!! Yep I’m that good…okay so I didn’t praise myself that much! But I did praise her!! I was so proud of her. Now she’s been doing great for 2-3 weeks, she even tells me she has to go when we are out and about!! Not one accident!

Well….(in my best Impratical Jokers voice. If you have never watched the show stop what you are doing and go look it up and watch…now…GO! Okay wait first finish reading this then GO!). The last couple of days have been a bit of a set back. I remember going through that with Matthew too so no biggie! Just frustrating but it’s fine!

I know within a month or two accidents at all will be a thing of the past. But I have to be honest and say I did shed a little tear about this milestone. My last baby (Grant doesn’t count because only cool kids use a pull-up) is officially out of diapers. My heart is breaking a little! But so proud and it’s so nice that a small pack of pull-ups for night time can last about 2 weeks!

Moral of the story…potty training is not for the weak!! But stay strong!! Put on your big girl panties (see what I did there 😜) and go for it! You will be so glad you did!

Have a blessed day!

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