Here Chicky Chicky Chicky

Guess what?

My kids got chickens!! I never thought in all my life that I would have kids that were so incredibly excited about chickens. But here I am, chasing chickens around trying to catch them so the kids can hold their chicken.

Now I’m not a bird person at all. I like to watch birds outside. I don’t like to have birds in a cage in the house and I certainly never planned on holding any chickens. I think they are all gross and I feel like if I touch anything that a bird has touched I will get a disease…even a feather! Do not touch me with some random feather you found on the ground! Now I know some people are bird people. I have a friend who’s daughter is amazing with birds…but that’s just not me.

So when Pa said he was getting a chicken coup and my kids could each pick a chicken I responded with “As long as they stay at your house!” And they did just that. These little chickees are living the best life at Ma and Pa’s. And every day when we are there we definitely have to go check on them.

Matthew’s chicken is Flugal (I know he will be so mad at me because I probably got that wrong) which means wing in some language. She’s a pretty black chick with white lines. He does awesome at helping take care of them. He gives them food and water and when he’s there and they need let out or put away for the night he’s on it.

Grant’s chicken is Snowball (She’s all white!). Snowball is the smarty pants of the bunch. She has to show them all how things are done. She was the first to go up the ramp into the roosting area and the first to lead the pack back out. She’s one smart chick! Grant loves Snowball as long as Snowball isn’t on his lap. He’s not fond of holding her.

Gracie on the other hand is my little animal lover. Her chicks name is Leah (yes she’s named after a character on Shimmer and Shine). She came up with it all on her own. She’s a black chick with white splotches. Gracie is so cute to watch with her chick. She talks so sweet to it and is constantly wanting to hold Leah and have her play with Grace. When I was trying to take a picture Gracie was saying “Come on Leah, come on girl, look at mom” then she took Leah into the playhouse so she could play with her.

So yes…my kids are now chicken kids and it’s the cutest thing to watch! Now if I can convince my parents to get goats!!

Moral of the story: It’s (usually) never a bad thing to get a new pet. It teaches the kids great responsibility.

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