Slime…Every Mom’s Worst Nightmare

Okay maybe not every mom. I will say I’m in that category. My kids love slime…I love when they play with slime!

What?! How is she a mom and loves when her kids play with slime? Because the entire time they play with slime…they are quiet. I get time to do things around here that I need to do while they enjoy some sensory play fun.

I will say I’ve heard other mom’s talk about how they don’t like slime because their kiddos make a mess and it gets on their clothes and carpet and anywhere else you could imagine. Well when my kids play with slime they play at the kitchen table. They keep the slime on the table. It has dropped on the floor or even their clothes but we have hardwood under our table so it’s not a problem at all. As for the clothes. They know to take that piece of clothing off and I run it under hot water and all is okay.

My nine year old loves slime. My 8 year old son with Cerebral Palsy loves slime. My two year old loves slime.

It’s a win-win for us all!!

Just recently on a trip to Target Matthew found some slime in a plastic petrie dish with a frog in it. Of course it was in the Dollar Spot for only $1 so we had to get three…one for each of them. That was the best $3 I have spent in a long time.

Not only have Matthew and Grace played with it for almost an hour at a time with no fighting or pestering (who knew a nine year old and two year old could pester each other so much?!) but Grant also loves it. Grace is constantly asking to play with slime. She’s played with the frogs in it, she’s played with her dinosaurs in it. She’s played with her little Hatchimal surprise toys in it. She loves slime!! And when she plays with it, it’s usually for 30-45 min at a time which allows me time to do anything I chose to do…which is usually feeding Grant or sitting with him while he watches his ipad 🙂

Moral of the story: Don’t get so wrapped up in the bad and negative of slime so that you don’t enjoy the good and fun of it!

Have a blessed day!

Summertime Boredom Busters

Summertime can be a crazy time in our house. I am excited to have the boys home and get so much time with them but it’s not long before the “I’m so bored” starts. This year I decided to take control and get organized from the start!!

Now here’s the thing…with all of our summer plans we have to accommodate an 8 year old, a 7 year old who is in a wheelchair and a 20 month old! That’s quite a wide range luckily my 8 year old is easily entertained. My 7 year old may have special needs and be fully dependent on me but is pretty much go with the flow. It’s the crazy 20 month old that isn’t as easy (thank goodness lots of the activities will be done during her naptime) those that aren’t can be adapted to her age. So after lots of searching on Pinterest for some great ideas I found this schedule with a different theme for each day. I kind of loved it but made my own little changes to it.

summer schedule - weekly

(to save image click on it and right click and save…easy as that)

So based on this fun daily scheduled I’ve planned our enjoyable, bored-free summer!! Will every day go exactly as planned…definitely not! With Grant being in summer school 3 hours a day we have to tweak some of our plans a bit but by the end of the week we get all our awesome activities done! Here are some of our plans this month:

These are just a few of the exciting plans this summer! Stay tuned for updates on certain activities and how the kiddos feel about them.

Have a blessed day!